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Don’t lick the paint stupid! Oh, you don’t have lead paint…

Recently there was a case here in Oregon that a child had come down with lead poising and they were talking about it on the news. My wife and I both said at the same time "Don't lick the paint stupid!"

But, then the news said they lived in a 2001 farmhouse. I asked my wife, then how did the kid get lead poising? They haven't used lead based paint since 1977, and so unless he was going to the neighbors and licking their walls there had to be another explanation.

The story said they were thinking just like me, what could it be? Well, it turns out that they wanted to make their nice 2001 farmhouse more authentic and found a clawfoot tub made at the turn of the century. This tub, it turns out was made of lead, and if sealed, would have been completely safe. But, they were giving this child baths in a tub that had a chip in it and the tub was filling with water that now had toxic levels of lead in it.

Every time this family was giving their child a bath, they were slowing killing him and didn't even know it. So if you have an old clawfoot tub and you see a chip, get it fixed ASAP, or like this family you could be putting yourself or your children at risk of lead poisoning. 

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how does this reblogging thing work?  was any part of that post yours?  do you add stuff to someone else's post, or just resend it?  just curious because i haven't done it yet! :-)

I used to have a clawfoot tub in an old heritage home.......hmmm what are the symptoms agaiN?

Posted by Liz Moras Migic, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor about 11 years ago
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Posted by Auth about 7 years ago