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How far will we go with our listing

I recently listed a home in a decent neighborhood which is an estate sale, no one has lived in the house for a year. The owner lives out of state. I did everything by phone and fax. When I drove up to the house to put my sign up I noticed the side door going into the garage ajar. After investigation I discovered that the door had been broken to gain entry into the home. The hinges bwere broken along with the door frame. The door would not move. I notified the owner who said she would have to have it replaced when she could arrange it. The next morning, after a sleepless night, knowing this house was open, I loaded up my car with tools and set off to fix the door.I worked for 2 hours  banging and twisting this thing back into some kind of shape. When I finished, the door shut and locked. I put my lock box on it and we used it until the house sold. My client is extremely gratful and she did not buy another door. I chalk this up to customer service. I also have a client that will be forever grateful. I always try to go the extra mile for my clients. It's what we do.

Comment balloon 0 commentsTim Maitski • August 30 2008 04:14PM