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The Pools of Midtown Atlanta! An Oasis In The Sky (Or On The Ground!)

It's true. As we get older, time really does slip right through our fingers. I'm always on the run. Running to an appointment. Running to take pictures. Running to the dry cleaners. Time just flys by. Look. It's Labor Day Weekend. You know what that means. Summer's Over!  But it's not to late to enjoy one last visit to the pool! Time to relax and catch your breath. Maybe spend some quality time with family or friends.

And what can be better than a pool! Ahhhhhh....Fun in the Sun! Who needs a beach? (Well, I do, or at least I wish my pool was alot closer to Pensacola than it is!)

When you are driving through Midtown Atlanta, taking in the sights of Peachtree Street, you can't help but notice our housing boom, called condominiums. Short ones. Fat Ones. Tall Ones....they do come in all shapes and sizes....but have you ever wondered what the pool looks like? Where do us city people spend our free time (what free time?) Well, here's your personal tour of some of the Condominums Of Midtown Pools! I've even thrown in a couple homes, just for good measure.

805 Peachtree


805 Peachtree gives you the feel of a resort with it's lounge chairs and cabanas!

Add some greenery, a Pina Coloda, and we are in business!




905 Juniper


905 Juniper has even MORE of that resort you are in the South Pacific at some Zen Resort!

Hmmmm....this calls for a Mai Tai....extra pineapple and TWO umbrellas please!



Cotting Court


Cotting Court....tucked between the two buildings of this sophisticated community (really, any unit I've been in reminds me of a Mini Buckhead mansion with the decor and furnishings)

James....could we have another Grey Goose Martini, dry, 2 olives please!


MidCity Lofts


Mid City Lofts.....simply elegant in a contemporary, minimalist setting. The pool deck is not even wide enough to get a lounge chair by it...but in the background is one awesome club house, perfect to mix up the cocktails and stroll around.

Maybe a Mojito while you make the rounds and let everyone know you are here!



These were your mid-rise buildings in Midtown (6-8 stories). Now, let's kick it up a notch.....

Viewpoint Midtown


Viewpoint Midtown is the newest kid on the block! And He know's how to set the tone! From the high end grills in the foreground, to the pool, and the wet bar on the other end...and chaise lounges and landscaping in between, this is sure to be THE pool to be seen at next Summer! (Since closings just started in was quiet this summer)

With a wetbar, I say bring on the blender and bring on the Frozen Margaritas!!!! Some chips, salsa and grill up some fajitas! Now we're talking!


Plaza Midtown


Up next, is Plaza Midtown. This is where The Thom And Ray Team call home! This pool will handle you and a few dozen of your closest friends....but...hey hey....resident guest limit is 4 people. (Last Summer this pool was THE Midtown Pool to be seen at!)  The round building to the left is the club house and fitness center.

With room for a DJ and poolside dancing, and a stroll in the Plaza Gardens, I enjoy my Cosmo....easy spilling on the pool deck while dancing!


 Metropolis Pool

 The Metropolis - Was nicknamed the Towers of Glass when they were first constructed in 2001. Orginally it was to be 1 tower of condos, and 1 tower of apartments. The first tower sold out so fast, it bacame ALL condos. The landscaping of the pool was a big news story as they craned trees and huge boulders up to the 6th Floor Amenity Deck. As you can see, the 6th Floor Pool Deck is pretty cool.

Let's grab a Rum Runner, a chaise lounge and I'll tell you all about life in Midtown Atlanta!


Park Central


Park Central was built in 1999, before the developers figured out where to put the a/c condenser. (They are ON THE BALCONY) here! Ugh! And there is a reason why it's good to buy on a high floor or in a high rise if you want a view. PC will soon have the Lowes Hotel on one side and a new 25-story apartment building on the other. But, hey, they have an indoor AND and outdoor pool, and offer up an inexpensive choice in Midtown.

Grab a Miller Lite and we'll take a look around, and the head over to Piedmont Park...just a block away!


Four Seasons


Above The Four Seasons is just that. The condominiums above the Four Seasons Hotel. (Sorry for the pic quality....I've got to take my own?

Needless to say, quite posh and it's actually a spa!

In that case, I'll have a bottle of water please! (I mean really, we are at a Spa!)



1010 Midtown


1010 Midtown soon will be the New Kid on The Block! This condominium development is part of the huge 12th & Midtown project that includes condos, the new Lowes Hotel and an office building. As you can see for this drawing, ti will be another "garden and pool" in the sky, with a waterfall/feature and cabanas.

An Apple Martini, you iPod, your D&G are IN!

1010 Midtown will start closings on the lower floors around October, and the higher floors will be next Spring.

And as promised....a few of the homes in Midtown also have an oasis tucked away in their backyard...

House 1

House 2








You can call any of these pools "yours" (with the exception of the home pools...neither home is currently on the market) Just give us a call!

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