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Why is it "OK" for an agent to be Deceitful and Dishonest?


  Why is it "OK" for an agent to be Deceitful and Dishonest?


 The Most Abusive Statement...

"If I don't sell your house in 30 days,


  Have you ever asked yourself... "If the public knew as much about Real Estate Agents as Real Estate Agents do, would that be good or bad?"  I have met several sellers that have told me their previous agent was a "Crook" when they said, if I don't sell your home in X days, "I'll Sell it for No Commission" or "Buy It" among other reasons.

  I had a transaction a few years ago being offered by the "King" of "Buy It or No Commission", in our city.  I showed my buyer one of his houses on a Saturday, and my client loved the house but was hoping to get it for a little less than the asking price.  Unknowing to me, my client recognized the seller from their church and called them later in the day and told them they loved their home but wanted to know what their bottom line price would be, so as not to waste their time.  WHAM!!  The seller started ranting and raving about what a crooked agent they had and how they signed up for his "Sell it in 30 days or No Commission" and the 30 days is up come Monday and now he's pressuring them to renew their listing and renege on his 30 day no commission commitment.  They said they still have to pay the buyer agent commission but they don't want that no good SOB to make a dime selling their home, so they told my buyer to make an offer on Monday for $8,000 less than the asking price and they will accept it because that's the amount they won't have to pay their no good sorry agent.

  My client didn't tell me all this until we wrote the offer and it was accepted.  I thought's bad enough that you have a client that is not pleased with the job you're doing, but to go to the extent to make sure you don't make a dime...that's outright hostile!

  This "King" of listings started from virtually no where and in less than 2 years was like the TOP Company in listings in the metro area with hundreds of listings advertised.  Since that time, about 4 years has passed and you rarely see a listing at all from this company.  CAN ANYONE SPELL "R E P U T A T I O N"?

  There was a blog in AR recently on this method of advertising with several pretty negative comments on the campaign sounding rather "cheezy" and many questions on "how many homes did you have to Buy under this program" and the agent proudly disclosed all his marketing letters and even his contract that he says he'd never have to live up to it and why and that this is just a "door opener" to get listings and he has NEVER had to live up to buying the house.  I'm thinking "Hey you realize you posted this also as PUBLIC VIEW?"  I posted a comment that accused him of giving honest Realtors a bad name and he promptly "deleted" my comment.  Ok...I can play that game.

  My final thoughts were....If you gave a copy of the Realtors' Code of Ethics to this seller, would they just start rolling on the floor laughing about this creed of "ethics" setting us apart from... "who"?

  So I'm curious... How many of you "know" an agent that practices deceptive methods of marketing and advertising?  Do you think it's "ok"?

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I used to love B N. Not anyone. In order to get a deecnt price, one must buy into some membership program. In order to locate a book, one must ask an employee for help. Meanwhile, Borders has a 1 price policy and open search kiosks. Amazon of course wins, because of the efficient used book and heavily discounted new book prices.
Posted by Slim about 7 years ago