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When Showing Homes, Sometimes Silence Is Golden!

I've had a couple of interesting run ins lately with well meaning home sellers, builders reps and agents. I've show a lot of houses over the years and made a lot of mistakes. I think the most valuable thing I've learned about showing properties is when to talk and more importantly when to be quiet.

I think that when people are looking at a house they can't really process that information when someone is talking to them. I think it's vitally important to let the buyer look in peace, let them process the information however it is On site sales geekthis particular buyer processes information. Sure it's important to point out a feature here and there but by all means, don't suffocate the poor buyers. 

The biggest problem I'm having in this market when showing properties is motivated sellers, builders and agents trying to "show" the house. This is the practice of forcing the buyers to follow the leader through the house while subjecting them to the dizzying verbal assault of details the buyers can't possibly absorb. At the end of the day when we review the houses we saw buyers don't tend to remember those homes as much as they remember the person that controlled the tour.

The big lesson is this. If a potential buyer is looking at homes with a Realtor there is, for the most part some semblance of trust. If you are a seller, builder or listing agent, we all know your job is to sell this particular house not necessarily the right house for this buyer. The most effective strategy seems to be this, back off, let the house speak for itself and let the buyers agent lead. Sure it's OK to point out a couple of important, relevant features and for the most part the Buyers Agent will step up and ask for your input when it's appropriate.


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