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Hurrah! The government is going to Help

What a sham. I get so angry when the uppity keep cramming it down the throats of us poor folk. If you happen to be be blogging here on AR, then I hate to break the news to you but you are the latter. (At least I still haven't seen The Donald's blog yet)

The rich SOB's just keep infusing the irresponsible banking industry with capital while the little guy gets stuck holding the bag. The argument maybe that the little guy was just as irresponsible so he should pay the price but where do I sign up for my billion dollar discount loan to help refinance my under-performing asset called my home.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here it goes. The fed allowed Fannie and Freddie access to the discount window then last week relaxed rules to help giants like Citigroup sidestep rules to gain access to much needed capital. Hmmm let me see my mortgage is due next week and my bank account is empty because I have no job, well I'll just borrow 100k to get me through this rough patch. Whew I almost had to cancel my vacation to Tahiti.

How can we ever have a chance at wining this game if the rules keep changing to favor the defending champion? Why are we so scared to falter? Is because we don't want to tarnish the big bad American image? We where always taught that the financial markets go up and come down then back up and etc. Why don't they let this thing tank? Is it because now it's affecting the uppity? Probably.

I'm sorry to rant, but I am just really tired and I do my tired of working my tail off just to see these guys continue to get handouts. While I bite my nails praying that my next deal appraises so I am not late (once again) on my mortgage, I keep reading this disgusting news reports. Well I should have listened to my parents, I should have have stayed in school or married Paris. Somehow I think my wife may have a problem with the latter.


Comment balloon 0 commentsTim Maitski • August 24 2008 08:45PM