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Description:The best posts that I've found on ActiveRain. I love reading about real estate. Hope you enjoy my selections.

What's this site about?

After being on ActiveRain for a while, are you:

Tired of reading blogs about blogging?

Tired of reading about points? 
1000 points or 1,000,000 points, who really care?

Tired of jokes and recipes and all sorts of nonsense?

Now don't get me wrong.  There's a time a place for all of that stuff. 

But recently ActiveRain came out with a nifty new feature called "ReBlog".  I thought about how one could use this feature and it dawned on me.  Could I create a blog consisting of ReBlogs of what I thought were very good posts?

How about a blog about just real estate?

ActiveRain needs to feature a variety of posts in order to accomplish what ActiveRain needs to accomplish.  They need to feature posts about blogging and all of the benefits of using ActiveRain.  They need to feature posts about SEO and how to be a better blogger and how much fun it is to blog. 

I've seen many members of ActiveRain complain about having to sort through a lot of "junk and fluff" at ActiveRain in order to find the good posts that actually talk about real estate.

I found myself relying on the "feature posts" category to try to save some time.  Let's face it, many people only read and comment on the featured posts.

So I have taken on a new career.  I now go through every post on ActiveRain and sort out the ones that I feel have something of value to say about some aspect of real estate. 

I'm hoping that this blog will be an alternative to people who come to ActiveRain to read about real estate and not to socialize.  Yes, it might seem boring to some but it might be of value to at least of few of us die hard real estate fanatics.

What are the criteria for getting a post on this blog? It has to be ReBloggable. Make sure your profile has ReBlogging enabled. It has to be about real estate It has to be interesting or educational It would be nice if it had no spelling errors. Spell check tools are great. Pictures are nice but text only is OK as long as it is readable It can't have a lot of SEO links (ie. Atlanta real estate is...) Bribes are always welcome

Commenting on Posts:

If you want to comment on a particular post, please don't comment on the ReBlogged post here.  Take the time to click through to the original post and leave a comment there. I spend way too much time just sorting out blogs that I like and don't have time to respond to comments.  I'd rather send the traffic and comments to the original author.

Areas of Expertise

I've been a real estate agent in Atlanta for almost 10 years. 

I'm always learning. I am fascinated by all of the expertise here at ActiveRain. 

If I find an article to be interesting, there's a good chance that many others will too.